(Triple merged mining beta added BTCMZ+TRTL/CX/PLE+TKTS/ARMS/ADON). Support by email : [email protected] Please connect to one of these coins as your 1st coin (main coin / main pool) : BTCMZ. For your 2nd coin select one of these options : TRTL/CX/PLE. Input 2nd coin Wallet Address in Password field if paymentID format is walletaddress.paymentID. For your 3rd coin select one of the options : TKTS/ARMS/ADON. After your 2nd address add a = then your 3rd coin wallet address example: 2ndcoinwallet=3rdcoinwallet in your password field. If 3rd address uses paymentID format is walletaddress.paymentID example: 2ndcoinwallet=3rdcoinwallet.paymentID-workerID01

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